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Tax Day and Black Lives Matter Rallies

There are two events that we will participate in, feel free to join us for either one or both.

  The first is the Tax March from 10am – 1pm  We will meet up on 4th Ave between Madison/Marion (in front of the library) between 10:00-10:15am, then walk over to the Federal Building at 2nd/Marion together.

The second event is Black Lives Matter from 2pm – 6pm  We will meet up on 2nd Ave between Union/University (park behind Benaroya) between 2:00-2:15pm, then walk over to Westlake park together.  If you have one, please wear a black knit hat in solidarity.

For both events, wear your labcoat if you have one, or any other sign of our organization so we can be identified as a group.