Our Focus Areas

As a local pod, we advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the sciences, increased scientific literacy through public engagement, engagement in science policy, and empowering women in science. To do this, we currently have three focus areas in our pod. 


Science policy

As a group, we work to leverage scientific research for the public good.  We advocate for evidence- and science-based policy with the public and with lawmakers. We also support scientists who want to get involved in policy and advocacy by developing networking and educational resources that will help them translate their knowledge to the public sphere. 


Science Literacy

Our group is focused on sharing the essential ideas of science. We want to promote an understanding of the basic elements that go into the scientific process, how science matters in our daily lives, and how scientists reach consensus based on evidence.  Our goal is to engage the broader community with the power and excitement of science through events, educational opportunities, and other community outreach.


Inclusivity & Diversity

The Seattle pod of 500 Women Scientists is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of scientific endeavor and demand equity in our scientific workplaces. Our goal is to cultivate talent and promote the full inclusion of excellence across Seattle and beyond. Currently, we are developing partnerships with various organizations to help promote inclusivity in the sciences and to stand up to inequality, biases, and aggression.