Glacier Retreat: Organize, Strategize, Dance!

mt baker.jpg

On October 14th through 15th, members of SEA 500 Women Scientists headed to Glacier, Washington in the Mt. Baker area to participate in our pod's first retreat. 

The retreat was focused on organizing future activities, strategizing our goals for the year, and envisioning how our pod can impact politics and policy in the future.  There was also dance!


Our first day began with an extended Strike Team meeting, followed by a period of facilitated discussion and a collective art project to express our vision of the future.

Next, Science Literacy team leader, Hannah Director, led us in a facilitated discussion around career goals, challenges, and hopes as working women in STEM and other research-related fields. 

Harvey helps with strategy.

Harvey helps with strategy.

After a day of strategy and discussion, we then joined  fellow scientist and Nia dance instructor, Jeanna Wheeler, in a dance party for some cathartic movement.

Next, we went on a hike through the woods, and had drinks and homemade chili for dinner in the main cabin. The rest of the evening was spent talking, laughing, sharing our latest news and activities and just getting to know one another a little better. 

Dr. Myhre leads our leadership workshop.

Dr. Myhre leads our leadership workshop.

On the second day of retreat, pod founder and climate scientist, Sarah Myhre, led us in a leadership workshop to discuss the cultural, social, and political landscape that women face when taking on a leadership role in our communities. We talked about how we envisioned making positive change not only in our daily lives, but as an entire pod.

We then went on our final hike in Glacier, visiting the river and meandering through the forest.

After we returned home, we had a final meeting to assign tasks from our large to-do list. Then we headed back to the city, ready to take on the next year!