Seattle Pod Marches for Science

Very happy to share with you some photos from the March for Science. If you have photos with us to share, please submit them in the comments below!

Our Seattle pod started the day early at 9am. We met at a member's apartment in Capitol Hill with bags of lab coats, buttons, flyers, flower crowns, flower pins, signs, and-most importantly-coffee and donuts. 

We then headed down to our meeting spot near the March, where we me up with our friends at UAW 4121...and shared some donuts.

We then headed down to the March and unraveled our banner.

We met up with friend and fellow Seattle pod member, Louisa, working at the SEIU 925 table, and lined up at the rally with the UAW 4121 and the University of Washington School of Social Work (and three cheers for Judy for being our main coordinator!). 

As we started to march, our own Dr. Jillian Holtzmann ran into some fellow Ghostbusters!

Then we marched and talked to fellow marchers about our group, handing out flyers along the way.

We finished up at Seattle Center, then went to Lower Queen Anne for beer and giant pretzals.


We are so proud of all of our members that have helped us to get our pod up and running. Your energy, enthusiasm, and passion are why we have our mission statement, our teams, and our new and emerging coalitions. We can't wait to start organizing the next set of activities, events, and actions as a pod.  In other words, you are some seriously kick-ass scientists!