500 Women Scientists Write Seattle Times OpEd

On February 20th, the Seattle Times published the OpEd, As EPA head, Scott Pruitt must act on climate change, written by Seattle pod members Sarah Myhre, Jane Zelikova, and Kelly Fleming. The authors challenged Pruitt to use his position to accept climate science and work in the best interest of all the citizens of the United States. 

As the authors state:

Continuing to “debate” the existence and causes of climate change hurts the American people. It is intellectually dishonest. It is irresponsible. Here is the truth about science: You cannot pick and choose the science that is convenient for you. You cannot reject physical science about climate change, only to enjoy the computer in your pocket, the clean water in your bathroom, or the antibiotics at the pharmacy.

We encourage more scientists to speak out in support of evidence-based environmental policy.