Seattle Pod's Guest Editorial in The Stranger

This week, the U.S. federal government quit the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Like many of you, we are disappointed and frustrated. However, as scientists, it is more important than ever to channel these feelings into actions. Reach out, engage the public, and counter disinformation. But most importantly, communicate with integrity. 

This week, out Pod wrote a guest editorial to the Stranger titled, "Integrity and Scientific Reporting on Climate Change.” It’s a guide for our own communication and to help the public evaluate the integrity of other scientific voices. Yes, it does focus on climate change, but the guidelines apply to all sciences. In addition, over the summer the Seattle Pod will be sharing events members can participate in, such as our upcoming talk on gender disparities in science and technology.

Please read, share and this op-ed. Then help us to lead our nation in responding to climate change.