Our Mission: Public scholarship in action

Seattle 500 Women Scientists envisions a world where science is valued and trusted on issues of public concern and in which everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, mental or physical health, disability or economic station, has the opportunity to pursue science. Where the scientific community works in service of the people of the Salish Sea region: a science community that breaks down barriers to participation and embraces equity and justice. Together, and in coalitions with other aligned organizations, we will engage the Seattle community across academic, industry, policy, and non-profit sectors.

We are creating a network of women scientists in the Seattle area that reaches across disciplines, methodologies, and professions. We welcome all self-identifying women scientists and offer support and a safe space to discuss and take action on issues specific to science and women in science. Our community will be a source of empowerment and strength, providing positive support to women working in scientific fields. 

Equity, Justice, and Inclusivity

Our movement is unapologetically intersectional. We support social justice in science, both in terms of equity in scientific institutions and in how the costs and benefits of science are distributed in society. We believe equity, justice, and inclusivity facilitate scientific literacy in our community and promote positive, evidence-based policies in government. Our members work to advocate, lift up, and support inclusive and independent science and scientists.

Science Literacy

As the Seattle pod of 500 Women Scientists, we will stand up for the importance of the scientific process and for systematic research in general. We will increase public understanding of the scientific process and promote the importance of science to all people in their daily lives. We hope to make the discussion of science commonplace and inclusive. We will work to improve public engagement by scientists both regionally and nationally. We will promote scientific understanding and literacy among girls and women in particular, with an emphasis on issues affecting us locally, such as climate change, public health, and education. 

Truth and Democracy

We will fight for the vital role of independent science in our democracy. We support evidence-based policy and decision-making at the local, state, and national levels. We strive towards recognition of the importance and value of science by policymakers, and we plan to hold policy makers accountable for evidence-based decision-making. We will also encourage women scientists to run for political offices. Our members advocate for the ability of scientists to do science, without political interference and without drastic funding swings that decimate the science workforce.

Action Today

We believe there has never been a more important time to speak truth in public, and we will not compromise our shared vision of a just, equitable, and sustainable future. As a community of women scientists, we will uphold the lives, voices, and careers of our women colleagues here in Seattle and around the world. We emphatically believe in the fundamental importance of women leadership in science and in society. As women scientists, and also as mothers, partners, friends, community members, and colleagues, we look forward to serving the people of our beloved Pacific Northwest.

With warmth and care, Seattle 500 Women Scientists


Public Scholarship : ( noun)  the fusion of research, education, public outreach, and community dialogue

Public Scholarship: (noun) the fusion of research, education, public outreach, and community dialogue