Seattle 500 Women Scientists Pod Information


We have a diffuse leadership structure, meaning no one is formally “in charge”.

Our pod's communication, organization, and logistics are managed by our Strike Team, which can be contacted at Members of the Strike Team also lead our areas of focus (listed below).

Our actions and events are generally organized around three focus areas, each of which focus on different aspects of our mission. The areas of focus (and main contacts) are:

1. Science and Policy (contact: Hannah Gelman

2. Equity, Justice, and Inclusivity in Science (contact: Emily Myers

3. Science Literacy (contact:

We encourage members to get involved in one (or more) of these topic areas by emailing the leads above.

If you’re excited about events or actions that don’t fall into the categories above but that align with our mission, we encourage you to organize them yourself (but please communicate your ideas to the Strike Team for maximum effectiveness).

Affiliation with other organizations

Though we are affiliated with the national 500 Women Scientists group, we are an autonomous pod and are free to act accordingly.  We often work with UAW 4121 (the UW academic student employee union).

Communicating with other members

We use the sea500womensci google group to communicate with other members on topics large and small. We also have a private Facebook group where we sometimes share links and have conversations. If you’d like to join email Kate ( Some topic area leads have their own communication channels on their topic (email the contacts above for more information).

Meetings and Events

We meet regularly as a whole group (usually on the UW campus), and topic area leaders sometimes organize their own meetings.  Announcements for the whole group meeting (as well as other events, like happy hours) are communicated via google groups, on our website calendar, and our Meetup. If you’d like to work on one of the topic areas of our group, contact the lead listed above. Feel free to attend as many or as few events as you like.

Other contact points

Budgeting and finances, website: Laura Osburn (